Inktober, Day Twelve: Sports

I’ve never cared too much about sports, despite trying a lot of them: softball, basketball and tennis, to name a few. The first outfit is your standard basketball uniform, complete with a poorly drawn ball. XD

I wasn’t sure what was going on with the second one there. At first, it was a tennis outfit, then I tried drawing roller skates, since one of my original choices was ice skating, but then, somehow, I ended up drawing a cricket bat, of all things. I partially blame my mom, since she’s almost always watching shows from Canada, Ireland, England, Australia or New Zealand, and several of them have made it seem like cricket is popular in those countries, or at least more commonplace than it is here in the States. You can also see part of the outfits for yesterday’s theme, along with a few other failed attempts I had. XD



Inktober, Day Eleven: Work/Occupation

My original plan was to do something from another anime: Akane Tsunemori’s uniforms from Psycho-Pass. The show takes place in early 22nd century Tokyo, and revolves around a police force that basically have mind-reading guns connected to something called the Sybil System, and these guns can either stun a target, or kill them, depending on their calculated threat level. It’s one of my top series and has a kick-ass movie to go with it. The second outfit is based on her uniform from the first season, when she’s still a rookie. It doesn’t change much in season two, so I decided to draw a mechanic’s coveralls instead, complete with boots and a little bandana thing for the dolls’ heads.


Inktober, Day Ten: Hobbies

I don’t really know any card games besides Go Fish and Uno, but I figured it’d be fun to try and come up with something that had to do with a deck of cards. My mom’s also watching a show that takes place in the 70s, so that’s why it’s a pantsuit with platform boots. I also found out that some decks have 80 cards and 5 suits: clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades and stars, so I decided to add the star to the left leg. That, and the space looked empty with the heart on the other leg.


One of my favorite boardgames as a kid was Candyland, so I thought I’d try something with colored squares, like a patchwork sweater or something. When that didn’t work, I tackled Chutes and Ladders, or Snakes and Ladders, which is the version I had. So now we have a t-shirt with a simple ladder and rolled shorts, along with some sandals.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing this, just posting every other day instead of every day, but either way, I still plan on tackling all 31 of these themes, because even I’m curious what I’ll end doing for some of them.

Inktober, Day Nine: Food

Yesterday’s theme was food, and despite not eating much fruit, I ended up choosing two of those. I originally picked strawberries and oranges, but then at the last minute, I decided on watermelon and grapes, instead. I guess that skirt could also be chocolate chips or any number of things, depending on how it’s colored.


Inktober, Day Eight: Animals

This one was kind of tricky, too, since the dolls already are animals, but it didn’t take long to settle on what I was going to do. One of my favorite movies is The Secret of NIMH, released in 1982 and loosely based on the 1971 book, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, by Robert O’Brien. I’m more a fan of the film, being as I saw it before I knew the book existed, and because it’s just so much more exciting. I won’t spoil anything here, though, except for one little detail I just had to add to one of the costumes.


The left outfit is modeled after Justin’s, the rat colony’s guard captain, though they don’t wear pants or shoes. I should’ve tried adding the tails before putting the tabs on, because now I don’t think I could get either of them to fit. Anyway, the right outfit is based on Mrs. Brisby, a widowed mouse who goes to them for help, though since she only wears a tattered red cape, I decided to put a sort of bodysuit thing underneath it. The necklace is called the Stone, one of several mystic details that don’t exist in the book. There were supposed to be headbands to go with them, but after trying to draw the ears four times, I decided to skip them.

O’Brien’s daughter also wrote two sequels to the book: Roscoe and the Rats of NIMH in 1980 and R-T, Margaret and the Rats of NIMH in 1990, though I personally didn’t find the second one all that enjoyable. The movie also has a sequel that was released in 1998, Timmy to the Rescue, but unless you’re in preschool or looking for something to watch while you’re high, I can’t recommend skipping it enough.

Inktober, Day Seven: Cosplay

Mabel has over 100 sweaters, if you count Gravity Falls’ theme song, both seasons and the shorts, so it was pretty hard to decide which one I was going to use for this. I eventually decided on the question mark one from Gideon Rises, mainly because that design seemed like the easiest one to draw. I decided to add Dipper’s main outfit at the last minute, except I put the pine tree on the shirt, since, again, hats aren’t the easiest things to draw for these dolls. I’ll have the outfits for today’s theme up soon!


Inktober, Day Six: PJs/Sleepwear

Today’s theme is one I’ve been looking forward to, since I’ve spent most of my time the last few years lounging around in PJs. These sprinkled footie pajamas were inspired by one of Mabel’s sweaters from Gravity Falls, which is honestly one of the best things to come off the Disney channel to date. I’ll likely add a couple more here and there before I copy them onto printer paper to color them, there’s a few spots that look just a little bit empty. Also, any time I draw sprinkles, they always look more like rice or seeds, especially before I color them. :/

There was also going to be a pillow shaped like a donut, and then one that looked like a cookie, but somehow, it ended up looking more like a spotted deli ham. XD

I tried to draw sliced carrots on the capris for this second set, but it ended up looking so bad that I started over. That’s a big disadvantage to working in pen or any kind of ink, you can’t just erase something you don’t like. I also can’t decide if the veggie on the shirt is going to be a big, cartoony carrot or a beet, because it honestly looks like it could be either one. Maybe I’ll copy it twice and just color one of each, who knows. There’s also a bathrobe, and the way I made it look fuzzy was by kind of shaking the pen a bit as I drew it, and the best part? It only took ONE try to get it just how I wanted, and since I’m still not fully happy with the sprinkle footies, that makes it the only one-shot out of all of these!